DT ST-R5200
DT ST-R5200
DT ST-R5200
DT ST-R5200
DT ST-R5200
DT ST-R5200

DT ST-R5200


DuraTruss DT ST-R5200

The DT ST-R5200 lifter is powered by a rack and pinion drive in replacement of the usual winch cable pulley systems. The rack and pinion drives system provides a smooth and regular lifting operation of your lights and electronic equipment and reduces (up to 10 times versus cable systems) the movement at the top when fully erected. The pinion drive is coupled to a permanent brake system (patented), and an automatic active security system for the upper modules that secure the load in all circumstances. There is no need to stop lifting to position safety pins, This is a real improvement in efficiency and security!

The lifters comes with a sturdy, yet compact foldable foot arrangement, exceptionally stable. The 4 legs are displayed evenly around the lifter can be folded, unfolded and adjusted very simply. the operator has only to unlock the system, slide and lock the leg in position, then adjust the screw rod for fine tuning. The R5200 receives as a standard 4 wheels and a handle to be conveniently positioned as well as 2 large wheels to allows an single operator to pull it around easily.

The lifters are supplied with an extension module with a 35mm end convenient for most accessories or speaker hole, A protective cover can be ordered as an option.



Min. height : 1,86m
Max. height : 4,95m
Stand diameter : 2x2m
Unit weight : 69 Kg
Materials : aluminium
Stands : 4 multiposition folding and adjustable feet in high strength steel
Number of modules : 3 telescopic modules
Bubble level : Yes
Removable handle : Yes
Adjustment scale : Yes
Optional Transport cover
Large pneumatic transport wheels
Output/Adaptor : Male output 35mm
Maximum load : 200kg