PRO Event Table Scrim WH

Accu- Stand

The Accu-Stand Pro Event Table Scrim is a white scrim fabric that fits over the Pro Event Table, Pro Event Table II, Pro Event Table MB and Pro Event TBL 2 MB. It's designed to hide cables and provide a clean, professional look.

Crafted from durable terylene material, this scrim exudes a sleek elegance while ensuring longevity. The compact dimensions of 265x65x65mm and lightweight 0.9kg construction make it easy to transport and store. It comes complete with a convenient carrying bag for added portability.

Whether you're a professional event organizer, DJ, or exhibitor, the Accu-Stand Pro Event Table Scrim enhances your setup with a clean, streamlined look. Elevate your event aesthetics and leave a lasting impression with this essential accessory.