Ajax Hub2 Surveillance Control Panel‑Dual GSM & Ethernet‑White


Hub 2 manages all the Ajax devices in the system to alert users about open doors, broken windows, threats of fire and flooding. If burglars break into your house, Hub 2 transmits pictures from the MotionCam detectors and notifies the alarm response company about the danger. You won’t need to live under the constant supervision of the security cameras to know what’s going on.


Transmits photos from MotionCam detectors

Automatically notifies the alarm response company

Full system control in one app

Communicates via 3 independent channels



  • 100 devices can connect to the hub
  • 10 cameras can connect to the hub
  • 50 users can connect to the hub
  • 50 rooms can be covered by the hub
  • 9 groups can be used on the hub
  • supports IOS and Android mobile applications
  • Connectivity - Ethernet GSM (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz)
  • Alarm signal delivery time 0.15 seconds, SMS, call, push notifications available
  • Contact ID, SIA with monitoring stations
  • ARM processor
  • UP to 10 cameras or CCTV recorders
  • Protection against jamming and tamper resistant
  • operating temperature 5-40°С
  • Sim card support 2G
  • Mains supply 110-240V, Battery backup Li-ion 2 A-h (up to 15 hours when Ethernet off)
  • Dimension 163x163x36 mm
  • Grade 2, CE certification
  • 2 Years replace or repair warranty (Batteries not covered)