DT 33/2-C22-L120
DT 33/2-C22-L120

DT 33/2-C22-L120


DuraTruss DT 33/2-C22-L120 - 2 way corner 120°

The DT33/2 Series is one of the most sold truss systems in general for its high load capacity and lightweight construction. This quick connector system closes force-lockingly with the belt tube and allows rapid construction during frequent assembly and dismantling. The main tubes are made of 50mm aluminium tube with a wall thickness of 2mm and give this system an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. The struts have a diameter of 20 mm with a wall thickness of 2mm. Each truss piece includes all necessary conical connectors, steel pins and safety clips.

The system can be extended with various lengths, corners, T-branches and angles. Extensive accessories such as hooks, connectors, floor plates, wall brackets, spacers and much more complete the product line. 

The system is from European production which is compatible to the most common systems in the market



Length: 500mm

Width: 500mm

Height: 257mm

Weight: 4,1kg

Angle: 120°