Focus Hybrid
Focus Hybrid
Focus Hybrid
Focus Hybrid
Focus Hybrid
Focus Hybrid

Focus Hybrid

The Focus Hybrid is a versatile fixture which can function interchangeably as a spot, wash or beam luminaire. It features an efficient 200W cool white (7,500K) LED engine which has an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours and generates an output of 4,100 lumens. 
The Focus Hybrid offers a beam angle variable between an intense 2-degrees and a significantly wider 24-degrees, with motorized zoom providing quick and precise changes between beam angle settings. In addition, motorized focus can be used to ensure pattern projections are sharp at variable beam angles and projection distances, while a frost filter can be used to further widen the beam angle and soften the beam edge to achieve a wash output. A Heavy Frost filter is fitted as default, but this can be replaced to suit the needs of specific applications and a Medium Filter is also supplied together with the fixture as standard.
A dedicated wheel offers a choice between 11 dichroic color options (plus open), including a 3200K CTO filter for achieving a warm white output. The fixture also boasts two independent GOBO wheels, one featuring 7 slots for interchangeable indexed rotating GOBO patterns and the other featuring 15 static stamped metal GOBOs (including four beam reducers). Two rotating prism options are also provided – 8-facet circular and 6-facet linear – for creating multibeam surface textures and dynamic mid-air effects.
• 200W LED Engine
• 50,000 Hour Average LED Life
Photometric Data:
• 4,100 Total Lumens
• 7,500K, >70CRI
• 57,433 LUX @ 5m (3.1° Beam)
• 1,293 LUX @ 5m (23.8° Beam)
• 8-Facet Circular & 6-Facet Linear Rotating Prisms 
• Replaceable Frost Filter (Heavy Frost Default)
• Motorized Zoom (2° to 24°)
• Motorized Focus
• Electronic Dimming & Strobe (1-20Hz)
• 1 Color Wheel with 11 dichroic colors, includes 3200 CTO Filter
• 2 Gobo Wheels with 7 Interchangeable Rotating-Indexing Gobos and 15 Static-Stamped Gobos
• Pan: 540-degrees
• Tilt: 270-degrees
• 3 DMX Channel Modes (19 / 23 / 25)
• WiFLY EXR Wireless DMX Built-in (2500 ft. 700M line of sight)
• RDM (Remote Device Management)
• 6 Button Touch Control Panel
• Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
• 8 / 16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement
• 5 pin XLR DMX In/Out
• Locking In/Thru power connections
• Antenna on rear for WiFLY EXR Wireless DMX connection
Dimensions & Weight:
• Length: 176mm
• Width: 278mm
• Vertical Height: 533mm
• Weight: 14.10kg
Electrical & Thermal:
• AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
• Max Power Consumption: 335W
• Max ambient temperature: -13°F to 113°F (-25°C to 45°C)
• Max housing temperature: 136°F (58°C)
Technical Data:
• DB Rating @ 3ft.: 43.2dB
• BTU: 0.32
• BTU/H: 1,142.35
Included Accessories:
• 1 Power cable
• 2 Omega brackets

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