Hydro IP Tester
Hydro IP Tester
Hydro IP Tester
Hydro IP Tester
Hydro IP Tester
Hydro IP Tester

Hydro IP Tester


ADJ's Hydro IP Tester is a mobile service tool specifically designed to assess the integrity of compatible IP-rated lighting fixtures, including ADJ's Hydro series fixtures. This versatile device is capable of both vacuuming and detecting pressure leaks, making it ideal for use after a fixture has been opened for tasks such as lamp replacement, gobo replacement, or regular maintenance. The Hydro IP Tester boasts several impressive features. It comes in a durable flight case that is easy to transport. The user-friendly interface features a 6-button LCD control menu display, allowing for effortless navigation. Progress bars on the display indicate the remaining test time, ensuring efficient testing. The Micro SD card slot provides a convenient means to update the testers software.



  • • Mobile IP Fixture Vacuum and Pressure Tester
  • • Compatible with any IP Fixture such as ADJ's Hydro Series
  • • Preloaded ADJ's IP Rated Lighting Fixture Test Presets
  • • Manual and Auto Testing Modes
  • • Easy to navigate LCD Control Menu Display
  • • Micro SD Card Slot for updating Hydro IP Tester Device
  • • Easy To Carry Rugged Case

  • • LCD Control Menu Display
  • • Air In/Out Vent
  • • Quick-Release Air Hose Fitting
  • • Micro SD Card Slot
  • • USB B Port
  • • IP65 Locking Power In

  • • Length: 419.1mm
  • • Width: 165.1mm
  • • Vertical Height: 362mm
  • • Weight: 7.0kg

  • • AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
  • • 40W Max Power Consumption

  • • 0.9-1.8m Air Hose with Quick-Connect Fitting
  • • M12 Threaded Brass Nozzle with Push-to-Connect Fitting
  • • (x2) M12 x 1.5 Orange Colored Nylon Bolt
  • • 1.8m USB Cable
  • • 1.5m IP65 Power Cable
  • • Micro SD Card (4GB min)