MBM 40cm 1U MBM1RP
MBM 40cm 1U MBM1RP
MBM 40cm 1U MBM1RP
MBM 40cm 1U MBM1RP

MBM 40cm 1U MBM1RP


If you need the a motor that will cover those mid-size mirror balls, then the Eliminator MBM 40cm 1U (MBM1RP) is the motor you are looking for. Supporting mirror balls up to 40cm (16 inches) in size is an easy task for this motor. Let your mind be at ease knowing that your mirror ball is safely supported by the MBM 40cm 1U motor from Eliminator.

The Eliminator MBM 40cm 1U (MBM1RP) motor will rotate those mirror balls with ease at a steady 1 RPM. Making sure that your audience experiences that classic mirror ball light effect. The MBM1RP motor is meant for indoor use only but is great for night clubs, mobile entertainers, bands, and permanent installations.

So when you are setting up that next prom dance and need the assurance that your mirror ball will operate as expected, use the Eliminator MBM 40cm 1U (MBM1RP) mirror ball motor. CE & ETL Approved


  • Eliminator Mirror Ball Motor 1U 40cm (MBM1RP)
  • • For use with up to 40cm (16") mirror ball
  • • Max load 3kg (6.6 lbs.)
  • • Rotation speed 1 RPM (Not Adjustable)