Mini Jet Co2
Mini Jet Co2
Mini Jet Co2
Mini Jet Co2
Mini Jet Co2
Mini Jet Co2

Mini Jet Co2


Compact machine allowing to shoot conical jets of white smoke (co2 gas) that appear and disappear instantaneously. Effect superb, spectacular, powerful and causing a reaction of surprise by its sound and dynamic side. The Mini Jet Co2 design allows easy installation on the floor or on a structure.

The projection angle is adjustable. The head is connected to a cylinder of Co2 gas by a high pressure hose equipped with suitable fittings. The power supply is directly in 220V. For a DMX control , it is just need to use a switch / dimmer with channel dmx.

High pressure equipment, it is necessary to respect the basic safety rules and especially those related to the dangerousness of co2 gas. It is imperative to use a Co2 gas level detection system for indoor use. Depending on the degree of humidity, the jet distances emitted can vary from 5 to 7 m.


Technical DATAS Mini Jet        


Alimentation: 230/50Hz

Pressure: 50 Bars

Weight : 2Kg

Length: 20cm

Width: 13cm

Height: 36cm

Control: Remote

Nozzle: Cryogenic

DMX: Option