Elevate your lightshow to unprecedented heights with the latest DMX lighting software package from ADJ. myDMX 5 introduces a myriad of enhancements, boasting a vast library of over 20,000 lighting fixtures, an innovative timeline feature, a dynamic live mixer, and seamless control via iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. This cutting-edge software empowers you to effortlessly craft larger and more spectacular lightshows than ever before, revolutionizing the way you bring your creative visions to life. Step into a new era of lighting control with myDMX 5, where innovation meets simplicity, making the creation of stunning light displays easier and more accessible than ever.


myDMX 5 Main Features:
- USBC-DMX interface with 512 channels (1 universe), upgradable to 2048ch (4 universes) for $99 per universe.
- Includes full version of the software with 3D Visualizer, MIDI control and myDMX 5 Remote App.
- Vast library of over 20,000 lighting fixtures.
- 10 buttons for triggering scenes Live or in Stand Alone.
- Stand Alone storage with up to 99 scenes across 5 pages. Play scenes simultaneously.
- SD card memory for an almost unlimited Stand Alone show size.
- Ethernet socket to control via a local network.
- Four (4) 3-pin DMX outputs, RJ45 Output
myDMX 5 New Software Features:
- Super Scene: Combine your different scenes on the timelines of a Super Scene and easily create complex and perfectly timed scenes with perfect precision. Change one of the source scenes and your Super Scene will be automatically updated.
- New FX: Create impressive effects on any type of channel, and even map them in 2D. Combine an unlimited number of effects with a Super Scene timeline.
- Live Mixer: Control the dimmers of each group directly in the new Live mixer rack. Trigger the strobe, a blinder, change the colour... also from the Live mixer.
- Live Playback: Control Dimmer, speed, phase shift, and size directly with the new live rotary encoders available for each scene. Play your scenes forwards, backwards, or both ways. Divide your scenes into segments which can be jumped between with a GO button or BPM.
- Music Sync: Synchronize your show with the music BPM using tap-tempo, MIDI clock or Ableton Link. React to the music pulse with line-in audio. Divide scenes into a number of beats of your choice to sync in harmony with tricky tempos!
- Touch: Create a custom screen layout to use on a touchscreen, or link with an iPhone, iPad or Android device over WiFi. Perfect for mobile control and for installations.
- Mapping Modes: Switch the entire software to mapping mode, allowing you to link any control to your keyboard, MIDI controller, or DMX console in one click!
- Limits: Set the maximum movement of your fixtures and focus the beams only in the area you want. Also adjust the minimum and maximum dimming of each fixture for your entire show.
myDMX 5 Remote App: Compatible with iOS or Android. Create an entirely customized remote controller for your tablet or smartphone. myDMX 5 Remote App is a powerful and intuitive app allowing you to easily add buttons, faders, color wheels and more. 
Note: The RJ45 socket is used as an alternative to USB - this does not output Art-Net. The socket also allows the device to be controlled in Stand-Alone with the myDMX 5 Remote iPhone/iPad/Android app.