VF1600 EP
VF1600 EP
VF1600 EP
VF1600 EP
VF1600 EP

VF1600 EP


Elevate your event to new heights with the Eliminator Lighting VF1600 EP Fog Machine. Boasting 1650W of power and DMX control, this mobile fogger is a must-have for mobile entertainers, vibrant nightclubs, lounges, mid-size stages, fun centers, spook alleys, and more. Witness lighting beams come to life amidst the swirling mist, as the high-efficiency heater transforms fog liquid into a mesmerizing atmosphere.


  • • 1650W mobile DMX Fog Machine
  • •High-efficiency heater block burns through fog with less residue
  • •LED heating indicator system in tank: Red = Heating; Green = Ready to use; Flashing = Fog fluid tank is low
  • •Low fog fluid shut off sensor to protect pump
  • •Warm-up time: 3 minutes
  • • Reheating Time: 15 Seconds
  • • Second Fog Shooting Time: Around 12 Seconds
  • •Output: 20,000 cubic ft. per min
  • •Fog fluid tank: 2.3 Liter (non-removable)
  • •Fog output switch on rear panel
  • •3-pin DMX In/Out
  • •Safety Loop
  • •Only use high quality, water-based fog fluid

  • • Includes the VFEPT6 timer wired remote
  • • Includes the VFEPR2 wireless remote

  • •Dimensions (LxWxH): 495 x 355 x 230mm
  • •Weight: 10 kg.